Beatrice Cabur


Beatrice Cabur: dramaturg

Beatriz Cabur is a Spanish theatre-maker based in London. She has written and/or directed over 35 plays which have been produced in 6 countries: Spain, Mexico, Italy, Austria, the UK and the USA. Graduated in Playwriting and Theatre Directing from the RESAD, Madrid, Spain. Master of Advanced Studies in AV-Comms from the UCM, Madrid, Spain.

Member of the international network for working playwrights, The Fence and of Women in the Arts and Media Coalition.

* European Managing Director of 365 Women A Year.
* Head of the Hispanic Languages Committee of EURODRAM.
* Founder of the Spanish Division of The League of Professional Theatre Women.
* Co-founder and Executive Director of New International Theatre Experience (NITEcorp & NITEcic), a global service organisation that supports and empowers theatre-makers by revolutionising the way we create, connect and cooperate in the twenty-first century.

Founded in 2012 in New York City, NITE transforms the theatrical landscape by providing both physical and virtual platforms for investigation, innovation and interaction. In 2015, we expanded our brand and established New International Theatre Experience (NITEcic), in the United Kingdom to create a theatre network that facilitates global, transcontinental collaborative models.

* Co-founder and Executive Director of The Theatre Times, a non-partisan, global portal for theatre news; constantly updated and growing macrowebsite with both original and aggregated theatrical content from every country in the world. With more than fifty regional managing editors across the world, The Theatre Times provides a high-performance experience that readers can trust. We aim to be the most wide-reaching and comprehensive theatre news source online while asserting the importance and impact of theatre as one of