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11 Jan 2017

Salvatore Scollo

Salvatore Scollo: Production Manager Salvatore Scollo is a London based Production Manager, Technical Manager and Lighting Designer with more than a decade of experience working in performing arts around Europe and in the UK for many different projects, tours and venues. Recent companies where he has been working include Uchenna Dance Company,The Write Network , Hoxton Hall, Manuela Capraro Analeuta, Impact Theatre Company, Greg Wohead. http://salvatorescollo.weebly.com
11 Jan 2017

Magdalena Korpas

Magdalena Korpas: Production Assistant Magdalena Korpas is a production assistant, actress, photographer & writer. London based, she spent ten years in Paris where she was studying arts. Magdalena’s work has been screened at the Cannes Festival and shown at other international venues. She has acted in feature films, theater plays as well as in commercials & music video clips. In 2012, Magdalena was the protagonist and co-director of the film “Soixante-dix” screened at Cannes Film Festival. Magdalena has also been […]
11 Jan 2017

Dr Andrew Newsam

Dr Andrew Newsam I would describe myself as a numerical astronomer with observational tendencies. My first degree was in Computation Physics at Warwick University after which I decided to move into astronomy and did a PhD at Glasgow University. My research there was fairly theoretical (the thesis title was “Mapping the Large Scale Structure of the Universe”). After submitting the thesis I was immediately thrown into the heady world of observational astronomy with a Postdoctoral job at Southampton University studying […]
11 Jan 2017

Beatrice Cabur

Beatrice Cabur: dramaturg Beatriz Cabur is a Spanish theatre-maker based in London. She has written and/or directed over 35 plays which have been produced in 6 countries: Spain, Mexico, Italy, Austria, the UK and the USA. Graduated in Playwriting and Theatre Directing from the RESAD, Madrid, Spain. Master of Advanced Studies in AV-Comms from the UCM, Madrid, Spain. Member of the international network for working playwrights, The Fence and of Women in the Arts and Media Coalition. * European Managing […]
09 Jan 2017

Joumana Mourad

Joumana Mourad: Artistic Director/ sensographer Joumana Mourad embraces digital technologies in dance, creating performances presented on three different yet interlinked stages (physical, digital-stream and digital-social) to create meaningful worldwide conversations, before, during and after a performance. From working with 45 performers in Taiwan to engaging audiences across four continents with its live-stream, IJAD embraces unconventional spaces and new formats. “Mourad has since gone on to be one of the most intriguing figures on the British dance scene, challenges the very […]