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  • Wed

    Mare Yagami

    7:00 amhttp://www.openonlinetheatre.org/marie-yagami/

    Throughout the #OOTheatre project my creative process began from restructuring an original 40 minute piece into a 15 minute performance. Instead of delivering the whole narrative, I decided to focus on 3 scenes out of 12 to explore feelings, emotions, textures, memories, sounds and an imagination of seeing the past-self. My digital animation collaborator @davidfromSaintMartinisland has recently experienced Hurricane Irma, and this collaborative work means more now as we have both been through natural disaster.
    Revisiting this piece with @wing in the rehearsal has been very interesting. As it is a solo performance instead of 8 performers (as was the original format), we are able to dig out our individual experiences into the movements and choreography. Follow me and join the exploration!

    #dance #performance #exploration #cocreation #collaboration #humanexperience #choreography #therapy #dancetherapy #community