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The place where you can co-create performances

Join the live art revolution

Our platform is a living and dynamic space that can’t happen without the life that our community breathe into it everyday, both audiences and artists. It is designed to evolve over time as users interact with it, add content, performances and shape it with their ideas.

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Live performances and art, inspired and shaped by audience interaction on social media or within our platform. Our live co-creations are an open rehearsal and you will be invited to feed into the creative process throughout the whole period leading up the performance. As the audience, you can watch live performances or delve in and affect it, and view the profiles and content about the artist and those involved to get a deeper understanding of the performers and performance as it unfolds. Blogs will appear about the performance as it happens.

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New ideas and things from us, and you. Our blog is open to members to update with new ideas, express feelings and share wonderful new concepts.

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View performances from our past lives. See how they unfolded and the comments, audience participation and new ideas that helped to bring it them to life. Experience them as new each time you watch them. Relive them as if they are happening right now.

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Open online theatre is a new way of creating performance art. We think this is the future of art and performance. A place where audience and performers interact to evolve performances in real time, to co-create art, as it happens, to change the mood and tone of performances through online discussion where new ideas integrate seamlessly and unfold before your eyes. And you will shape it, performance and platform. It’s your platform, artist and audience as one. Join us.

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What we call live Co-Creations are live performances and art, inspired and shaped by you as you interact with the artists on social media and within our platform in real time. It puts the audience in the role of creator. Your ideas will shape the performance, and you can interact with it in infinite ways. Each interaction brings a new element to it, bringing it to life in a new way, and becoming part of it.

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