What is Open Online Theatre?

Open online theatre is a new way of creating performance art. It’s a space where audiences can interact with artists to create performances together, no matter where they all are in the world. It’s just the start and we’re sure this platform will evolve over time, as new performances are co-created and new ideas are born.

Open Online theatre is fed by existing social media platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest), meaning you can interact with art in the spaces that you exist already online. You can also watch social streams, comment and co-create within the platform itself.

Who’s behind Open Online Theatre?
Open Online Theatre is the brainchild of IJAD Dance Company. Contact us here.


IJAD believes that people achieve a sense of peace through being creative and through the act of co-creation. That’s why our mission is to take live performance to the whole world.

We are interested in how the use of social media can influence a performance. We harness the latest breakthroughs in technology to shape the performance environment, and to research, develop and present these new methods as artistic experiences for everybody, everywhere.

Performance can be and has been exclusive – existing in one place at one time with ideas developed by a small amount of people. But we want performance to be inclusive – social media is everywhere, always on, created and enjoyed by everybody.

I’m an artist, what will I get out of it?
As an artist, our platform also enables you to document you process, interact with audiences and share your performances as you work, no matter where you are in the world, sharing it with thousands of people around the world who will engage with it in real time.