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07 Nov 2016

Watch The Amazing Orbits Video

About video: coming soon Credits: IJAD, Tarmak Media, full credits coming soon ‘There is no such thing as being alone in the universe, and there is no such thing as being creative alone. Everything – every creative impulse, every creative gift of beauty, everything is a co-creation.’ – Gary Zukav
26 Jul 2016

Messages of the Future – Quotes from Science Fiction Authors #1

What is Science Fiction? An exhibit at The British Library showed to make any attempt to form sense out the world using metaphor is sci-if and traced (extant proof) back to the Ancient Greek and Romans . More recently we think of science fiction as the type which emerged from the 1900s where magazines such as Astounding Science Fiction and Thrill Book picked up a cult following and was primarily written by scientists. We now have a SyFy channel and […]