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11 Jan 2017

Briefly from the Big Bang to Brexit

During the Big Bang only two elements were formed; Hydrogen and Helium. Inside the cores of stars nuclear reactions between Hydrogen and Helium. As they join together a huge amount of energy is released from which other elements are created. This production of new elements via nuclear fusion is called ‘nucleosynthesis’. This coming together to produce something else, something new, is inherent to the way the world works. If you’ve been watching Planet Earth 2 recently you’ll know how important mating and […]
25 Nov 2016

Walk into Space

Venue: FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology) 88 Wood Street Liverpool L1 4DQ Dates: Monday 23, Tuesday 24 & Wednesday 25 January / 2pm & 7pm Hashtag to Interact: #OrbitsProcess Tickets In January, IJAD Dance launch their creative digital platform, Open Online Theatre at the world premiere of Walk into Space, an interactive, dynamic performance exploring the concept of gravity. Set against a backdrop of real-time views of space, via satellite telescope, Walk into Space turns the performance space, […]