Rebecca Marta D’Andrea #STARe- SelfUnbound version

#STARe:Selfunboundversion In this “solo-non solo” I am exploring the concept of the body as a live archive embedded in a constant flux of transformation: can dance reveal more dimensional layers contained within the present moment? How can this process shift our paradigm of time and space? with the support of CoResist, IJAD Dance Company, Saovento Fazenda Criativa.
Venue: Here
Meet us here at: Saturday 18 November 15:00 (GMT+1)
#Task 6:
What does 'final composition' mean to you?When you think compositionally how do you design your strategies to pick images and sounds that give you a sense of wholeness or completeness ?

"All sequences are cumulative. Their "frames" derive signif-icance from juxtaposition. They establish memory—of the preceding frame, of the course of events". B.Tschumi
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