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25 Nov 2016

What is a Living Archive?

View performances from our past lives. See how they unfolded and the comments, audience participation and new ideas that helped to bring it them to life. Experience them as new each time you watch them. Relive them as if they are happening right now.
25 Nov 2016

About the Blog

New ideas and things from us, and you. Our blog is open to members to update with new ideas, express feelings and share wonderful new concepts. Send us your blog related to the future of performances and technologies, innovative techniques, your sensitivities. Whatever new ideas you have, share them with us here.
25 Nov 2016

Why Register?

Join us on our journey by becoming a free member to the site. As a member of our platform you can help shape it, interact with artists in real time as performances unfold using the dedicated hashtag for that performance, and interact and spend time chatting with our members to share wonderful new ideas. You can add your friends to the system and meet new ones from our membership. You will also be notified as new performances and co-creation opportunities […]
11 Nov 2016

What are Live Co-Creations?

‘There is no such thing as being alone in the universe, and there is no such thing as being creative alone. Everything – every creative impulse, every creative gift of beauty, everything is a co-creation.’ – Gary Zukav What we call live Co-Creations are live performances and art, inspired and shaped by you as you interact with the artists on social media and within our platform in real time. It puts the audience in the role of creator. Your ideas […]