Thomas Williams


Thomas Williams: Music Composer

I am a Composer and Artist creating audio works for multiple mediums and I design and build interactive artworks that explore ways for audiences to engage and create with music in physical spaces. Facilitated by the use of digital technology my work takes inspiration from the nostalgic and fantastical to re-draw layers of magic over the real world. Growing up with a background in music my motivation has always been to imagine music in new spaces. Thus far my output has covered large scale installations, interactive exhibits, outdoor games and mobile applications and has led me to test the relation between sound and light. I am excited about physical and tangible things, and I often seek to craft experiences that draw people away from the glare of screens and invite them to re-engage with their surroundings in new ways.

After studying music in Cardiff, I have developed my practice as an artist in both the UK and the Netherlands. Originally from South Wales, I am now based in Bristol where I am a resident at the Pervasive Media Studio and engage in projects all across the UK.