What are Live Co-Creations?

‘There is no such thing as being alone in the universe, and there is no such thing as being creative alone. Everything – every creative impulse, every creative gift of beauty, everything is a co-creation.’

– Gary Zukav

What we call live Co-Creations are live performances and art, inspired and shaped by you as you interact with the artists on social media and within our platform in real time. It puts the audience in the role of creator. Your ideas will shape the performance, and you can interact with it in infinite ways. Each interaction brings a new element to it, bringing it to life in a new way, and becoming part of it.

As the audience, you can watch live performances or delve in and affect them, see your creative ideas develop into real ideas before your eyes. This is the real magic of co-creation. Participation is the process. Its how we’ll make amazing new things together now.

Our live co-creations are an open rehearsal and you will be invited to feed into the creative process throughout the whole period leading up the performance.

During he co-creation process you will be working alongside us and the artists to create together and share our ideas. You can watch a live stream of the performance as it unfolds and watch your suggestions, ideas and brainwaves affect it. Each performance works in this way, a theme, an ever expanding collection of ideas and inspiration and brilliant new things brought forward from the minds of our members.